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About Refund Advantage-

"Our management team has a long history in the tax refund product industry beginning in 1989. Our team has the distinction of starting the refund banking programs of two other national tax refund product providers and is committed to creating the best refund banking experience possible. With Refund Advantage, we have created something uniquely different - a program that enables you to customize your account in a variety of ways and earn the money you deserve. Our primary focus is the Independent ERO - providing options and solutions to help the tax season run smoother. Refund Advantage services are available to all tax preparers, regardless of which software they use, or the mechanism used for filing returns to the IRS."

About Santa Barbara -

"Founded in 1991, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) became a Green Dot company in 2014. TPG serves consumers nationwide with tax-related financial products and services that provide value, are fairly priced and satisfy consumer need. TPG offers tax-related financial products through a network of tax preparation franchises, independent tax professionals and online tax preparation providers. TPG is located in San Diego, California."